SYHO Khajuraho

Shri Yog And health organization

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We are an non government organization properly registered in India, as per rules and regulation acts of government firms and society laws. 

We are working in field of health & harmony with our different free charitable social health services in poor rural and tribal countryside of India, and in field of yoga, spirituality and harmony with spreading the message of "wasudhaiw kutumbakam"

One planet - One family that is our human family... 

Our goal and vision to spread the real message of Indian spirituality world wide with opening different yoga and spiritual centers for delivering the message of our organization.

And developing the hands for supporting the countryside health issues in india with our charitable rural and tribal health clinic projects, surgery projects(supporting or sponsoring different critical surgery cases), epidemic prevention and control program, disaster management or support programs,

Mall nutrition programs, women awareness programs, pregnancy care programs, Employment problems etc

Dr. Raghav Pathak: We are registered under 12(A) section of income tax depart in India, AAMAS0626H/03/15-16/S-0123

And recently applied of 80(g) act of income tax depart..

Soon our aim to also get registration of FCRA too.