SYHO Khajuraho

Shri Yog And health organization

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OUR Campaigns:

01. Tribal & rural charitable health clinic:

With this campaign our goal and motive to spread the network of primary health clinics, to improve the basic health system. 

Causes:- In real countryside of India, because of corruption and lacking of proper health workers there is still unawareness about the basic hygiene and primary needs for the proper health. 

People don't know, what to eat, what don't, 

They just purchase medicine from uneducated fake doctors those are visiting in villages without proper knowledge just to sale medicine as different other stuff to earn some money. 

Unaware villagers buy such low quality and dangerous medicine or in actual poisons to heal themselves.

We opened two charitable clinics until now, 

One rural clinic in village Udaypura in year of 2011, 

And Second tribal charitable clinic in village kundarpura

In year of 2016 Januray. 

The tribal clinic is still functioning while rural clinic is stopped because of lack of fund and more need of our efforts in village kundarpura than Udaypura. 

We preferred to work in kundarpura with our available fund.

02.Surgery sponsorship programs:

- We sponsor critical surgery cases time to time of any poor or needy person or kid, to support them for finding the better life. Until now we sponsored/supported  4 surgery cases from the year of 2013,

In these 4 cases of surgery 3 was very critical surgeries.


Heart surgery:

- Surgery of heart, For Bulbul 8 years girl,

Operated in Bangalore


Surgery of Urinary bladder For Santosh,

- 17 year poor boy,

Operated in two step surgery in Satna Birla hospital, 

This boy still need one step more for complete cure.


Corrective neck surgery of Mahendra, 

-12 year boy 

In indraprashth Apollo hospital Delhi.


Gall bladder stone of Mrs. Neeraj Mishra, 

- 47 year lady. 

In Birla hospital Satna.


- Many people because of lack of awareness they continue suffer with some kind sickness that can be repaired or solved through surgery.  

 They think that surgery is very expensive way and dangerous step to take in their life.. in such situation, first we encourage them morally and help them to find proper doctors or surgeons team, who can solve such sufferings with proper way..

And support financially for the patient to find a better and new life.

03.Epidemic prevention program:


We are providing free preventive medicines to the number of patients through our this campaign,  on each weather changing period. 

In India, there are three weather transition periods:

- While we enter from winter to summer around the month of March,

- While we enter from summer to rainy season, in moth of June,

- And while we enter from rainy to winter, in month of October.

These are the favorable seasons for number of epidemic diseases, such as,:

- viral diseases, cough cold, flue, fever, malaria, dengue, chickengunia, diarrhea, vomiting, Cholera, Chicken pox, Measles. 

It is very common, number of people fell down in sickness due to lack of awareness and proper protection against such epidemic diseases those can be prevented, if they take effective preventive medicine on time. 

We run a campaign with our limited and available budget or financial sources to protect as much as people, school going kids, and rural, tribal or urban population with best available prevention treatments. 

Until now we had distributed our preventive medicine for more than 20,000 People from the year of 2009, even when we were not working as registered organization, through our different free medical camps, under the guidance of our founder Dr. Raghav pathak.

04. Fight against Mall nutrition: 


- Due to lack of awareness, in rural, tribal even sometimes urban kids suffer with mall nutrition problems. 

In countryside such issues are daily comes in contact, we try our best to support such cases to find a proper health, with motivating parents to utilize the benefits of government programs those are available for their help.

We bring and admit the cases of mall nutrition in government nutritional rehabilitation center on our own expenses, and monitor the regular health standard of kids after that also we provide the proper required food, vegetables and other minerals and full of vitamin diet, until the family don't get completely aware about the regular diet of their own kids. 

Under our this programs we supported for more than 40 cases.. to find better health.

Picture 1 and 2 is the same kid.........

05. Pregnant women care program:

Rural, tribal countryside women are not  aware and conscious about their own health and extra proper care about child in their uterus during pregnancy. Because of social mental atmosphere women give preference man over them and they don’t give importance for themselves even in such situation of pregnancy. Due to this they don’t take proper diet mineral, vitamins, protein as per requirements for proper care of health and foetus.  

With our this campaign we motivate Such females to take complete care about their own health issues, how and what to take for maintain the haemoglobin level and what kind of prevention to take for avoid any kind of complications during pregnancy and delivery. 

We also monitor the regular health of pregnant women’s and distribute them Free iron folic acid and calcium tablets, in any kind of difficulty or danger doubt we arrange the meeting with proper gynaecological doctor in nearby hospital or city, with accompanied social worker. 

06. Employment programs:


- It is true there are very few people those are having proper way to make income In rural and tribal villages. Because of this most of the people leave the village in search of employment and go to big metro cities to find work, they live almost 6 months away from there hometown and leave their own parents and kids  in village. 

We are trying to find some possibility to generate some kind of employment by that villagers can begin to earn some money for their livelihood.

With this program we also included our environment protection program and promoting organic farming with providing big trees to villagers those will give shadow and also proper fruits and vegetables with some herbal Ayurveda medicinal plants, these tree can be able to provide crop with generating money.

We are also looking for further other activities for the villagers those can generate some job and employment for villagers. 

07. Yoga and spiritual campaign:


- Behind the name of spirituality thousands of business minded person stealing and making big money these days and confusing people from the real way of living life. Most of the upper middle rich and financially prosperous societies and families wasting their own  precious money for unnecessary purposes due to lack of awareness. 

Few smart and intelligent people those are able to do mind wash of innocent unaware persons they divert the human mind for thousands of imaginary goals of life and begins to steal money on the name of god O goddess or other different issues. 

With our yoga and spiritual program campaign our goal is to spread the message of harmony with direct teaching about spiritual reality. Making people aware about the bluffing on the name of spirituality with delivering the direct message and Purpose of human life. 

In actual all the ancient spiritual Scriptures guided about the way of Living, not to forgiving the basics of life. But people Misuse the proper knowledge for satisfaction of their own ego, and feeing their own selfish mind. 

With this campaign we are going to develop a proper team of few honest positive motivational speakers team, with our Straight teaching about the life, and it’s purpose. 

The entire fund that will be collected by our conferences or seminars or workshops will go to help for our health projects operated by SYHO.