SYHO Khajuraho

Shri Yog And health organization

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Our upcoming calendar:

19th October till 17th November:

- Learning about western professional world and experience collection European tour of our founder Dr.Raghav pathak .

His journey will be sponsored by some of his yoga and spiritual followers, those are wishing to support in future for our global mission, to teach and inspire Dr.Raghav about the western culture and let them introduce about the social system in western countries to learn and collecting some information about His own Motive and purpose in near future. 

During this visit of him, he will also introduce about his teaching and spiritual reality, to help western people to understand the value of life. 

It’s kind of familiar tour of our founder for promotion of both goal of SYHO health and harmony .

After the Europe tour of our founder we will decide what to do, and how to lead our own projects in more efficient way.