SYHO Khajuraho

Shri Yog And health organization

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     SYHO is a creation to serve this planet with a message:

             “Be human - and then work for                                   humanity.”

Syho is an Indian organization based in the heart of India, at world heritage destination Khajuraho, which is very popular for its architectures, and temples around the world. These temples are not ordinary temples, actual these temples are the book of life. Those are giving complete education about the entire human life from last thousands of years developed by Chandel Dynasty. 

The complete name of SYHO is Shri Yog and Health Organization. This organization is developed by one young homeopathy doctor from Khajuraho. Dr. Raghav Pathak, who has been giving part time teaching about spirituality and yoga since beginning of his carrier to earn some extra money to help and support many poor people and patients at his clinic, those have been always coming to ask for his help. SYHO is aware about the basic needs of life with having respect for the inner spiritual world and peace, where no one can enter easily. They only can get confused behind the big mesmerizing philosophy about spirituality and yoga. SYHO organization realized that this whole world, is getting highly confused behind the philosophy of Indian spirituality and yog, without being aware about the true meaning, goal and importance of spiritual and yog paths.

The goal of spirituality and yog is just to make you aware and bring you in balance to accept the natural beauty and flow of life, as it is happening without creating any single noise in the human mind, and raising complications. 

SYHO was surprised to see and experience during the daily journey of life, that this whole world is going just opposite the real teaching of spirituality, and saw and experienced clearly that there are many big business and sharp minded people had begun to lead humanity in totally wrong directions on the name of spiritualty and yoga with creating so many noise and confusions. 

Human mind is very sharp and is able to do anything.                                                                 But while we will begin to sale the essence of life in the name of spirituality, as a product on the market, after some time no one will believe in any person even not in self and will fall in depression.

The trust, the faith, and the respect will begin to collapse from human life and suicide tendencies will begin to take place. SYHO was struggling for a long time to find the balance between own feeling, realized message of spirituality, yoga and the current system of professional material human world, where everything is ready to sell as a product even yoga, spirituality and meditation now. 

Humans don’t need anyone to learn such simple things except their own acceptance and complete presence for their own life. They just need a little push up by someone. This someone can be any person, and we call that guru and the spiritual journey begins by itself. 

The role of master or guru is not to confuse the people and steal their money on the name of donation or other things to lead their own ego behind the constructions of big temples and running chariots. Actually the role of guru and master is to support their disciples or followers to make them aware to accept the beauty of life from all different angles, and in all colors.

SYHO finally reached a level from where we could see this whole world clear, with respecting the basic essential requirements of this planet and human life.

1. Shri: 

Respect to money world.

SYHO realized that money became the first need and essential tool of human life, so the first respect for the money world with honest and on a transparent way.                                               SHRI, is a name of goddess Lakshmi, who is known as the goddess of wealth or money in Indian religious stories. It is very simple to understand, if you have sufficient money in your pocket than you feel secured, confident, relaxed and in comfort. 

2. Yog:  

Harmony and realization of Self importance

Second and most important requirement after having sufficient money in pocket is to have a balanced body, balanced mind and an aware soul. When we have money, than we need a balanced life with understanding the purpose of our being and presence in this world as humans. 

If you are suffering with lack of money than you never can understand and realize the importance and purpose of your birth on this planet. Yog and spirituality is the secondary but important need after the money. Yog and spirituality is the second very important step. It is very necessary to understand the beauty of life, that make you aware about the life and your importance with realizing your own responsibility for this planet as human. 

3. Health: 

A natural reflection of your own good, pure intention towards sufferings of poor and needy people.

Health is third factor to be aware of. Most people think about it first without understanding the natural system of human psychology. When you are having a good financial life, when you are having a good balanced body, mind and soul, than you think to do something good to this planet and around you. In this condition, when you look around thousands of people those are suffering with lack of two times food, and basic requirements for health and life, you begin to help them, to serve them. Such kind of attention and intentions begins to serve your natural health. Your own suffering begin to heal automatically, when you start to heal other peoples suffering. Any person can not purchase health with money. Health is a natural reflection of your own intentions towards the human society around you.                                                                   Now a days most of the health issues became the result of psychosomatic disorders, and again sharp minded people began to convert such poor human thinking about health to convert in money. 

SYHO is very clear about the health concepts and using their own way to heal people. Yes, we must have to respect the current medical system but with understanding about our own inner psychological issues firs

Shri yog and health organization is working in these three steps to uplift human society from all different angles, without confusing them with any single issue related with life. 

In one line we can say “we are serving all what you need”, with following the vision and goal of SYHO.

SYHO exists of a very small but aware group of different humans, such as Swami Prem Ramdev, Yogi Shailesh Vaidya, Dr. Raghav’s wife Nisha Pathak, his brother Advocate Madhav Pathak, and one of his friends Sandip Soni, with the support of  Yog aspirants:  Angelica Schmucker, Jos Fachini, Judith Oster and Aranka Vos above others.